Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let the show begin

I'm flying tomorrow 10:50 to Kuala Lumpur. Today, another transitional day, I bought so much stuff I "need", I don't know how everything will fit in the bag.... why do I have always to carry so much weight? what do I really need? What am I not going to use at all?  Why is it that we buy more things before a trip that actually during the trip? Am I taking "logs to the woods?"... It's anxiety translated into stuff, it's thinking that you can ensure you will be alright and not miss "home"( wherever that is) by buying things...

Anyway, I am glad to leave London which is at minus 1 or 2 today... how could the first humans manage to come all the way up here to this island, to such a cold place and manage not only to survive on fire but to create the building blocks of such an astonishing city?  Humanity is really amazing...  but I am diverting from the topic again...although.. what is really the topic?

One of the difficult things when packing was, what to read in the plane, and what books to take. Between a wide variety I decided to choose 3: Siddartha from Herman Hesse, a book on Angkor Watt and the lonely planet to Malaysia and in one of them a picture of my Mum and Dad hugging in San Francisco and a post card from my Mum's favourite painting, the Leonardo Cartoon. I am also taking in the bag the famous eat-pray-love (which my friend Carito insists I NEED to read)... and the other lonely planets.

A big trip, big challenges and big desisions ahead.  I am ready to enjoy the ride, whatever it may be...

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