Thursday, 23 December 2010

Arriving to Dragon Land and the irony of trying to escape Christmas

I left Ketut place in the morning, I really from the bottom of my heart want to go back to Ubud some day. Venice, Galapagos and Ubud, those are the places that have made the most wonderful imprint in my memory that I know I want to go back and stay, stay for several months.  I actually met a couple from Massachussets today, they are now retired and are living in Bali, what a fantastic place they chose!

At the airport, I bought a book called "The island of Bali" that I am devouring now. It is a completely ethnographical book from the 1930s, a classic, and I just find the culture so fascinating. I remember my first few lessons with Carlos Alberto my "Fundamentals of Anthropology" teacher in Los Andes, who I worshiped when I was 18.  Ethnnography! Ehtnographical diaries, that seemed such a wonderful dream sitting in the classroom and listening to his delightful words with his own unique style and narrative, to explore completely different cultures La Rama Dorada from Sir James Frazer, without judging them, just wearing the glasses they use to see the world, cultural relativism.  And it is part of what Yoga teaches you, and meditation, not to judge any feeling, not to judge any sound, just observe. 

Merpati Airlines in a small helix plane departed Bali at 10:35.  I cannot describe the feeling of " I am finallly here, I am doing this!"  I was able to see the island of Lombok from the air, and when we started the landing, Komodo appeared in front of me,  a completely untouched island and all the small islands around, white sands, blue ocean, just a complete paradise, I am in the tail of the world.... I am possibly the first of the whole generations and generations of Sanchez and Thorin who has come here, even possibly not many colombians have made it here! When I say that I am from Colombia, everyone is so suprised,  they just look at me and say "far far away...."

So I am here. My smile could have gone around the world as I saw the sign at the airport in the local langague something similar to Selamat Datang Komodo!

So, the absolute irony of all of this, was that I was escaping as far as possible Christmas, and I thought, it is so good, I will not see a single Christmas tree, not a Christmas carol, not anyone would ever even mention Christmas!  they would not know what that is....  Well, the island of Flores, where I am, in Labuan Bajo, has a name in Spanish for a reason.  Christians, and catholics for some reason got here, so most of the people are catholics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????????????  What an irony, I should write to Alanis Morrissette and tell her my story so that she can add another sentence to her "Ironic" song.

So, I am sitting here listenining to "Feliz, Navidad, Feliz Navidad..." but in Bahasa Indonesia, Silent night, So this is Christmas, and it goes on and on and on....

So I am going to accept it and tonight I am going to do a Christmas tree and a pesebre in my room, I possibly would use my clothes.

Anyway tomorrow I have arranged a boat to take me to Rinca, the best Chrismtas gift I could have given to myself, that I deserve, using Shakira's words "for being such a good girl".

Gracias Nigno Dios!

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