Sunday, 5 December 2010

Some thoughts on domestication

Macaques and langurs, one of the highlights of these couple of days, always animals in the wild raise in me the most deep feelings of astonishment. I was able to watch them today closely, although not in the best conditions as although they live in the wild local people feed them with eggs and gelatine as part of their Sunday entertaining. I remember Antione Saint Exupery, the little prince and the fox and the whole issue on domestication. Looking at how the people today, how they behaved with the macaques, the feeling of human power over other species, just looking at this "primitive" funny looking apes being fed by us... Why do we think other species are just there as a "cultural service" for humans? Anthropocentrism is always the false idea of security of our position, but how can we expect not to feel superior with other species if we even feel superior than other humans who speak differently from us, or have a strange accent or even use a strange word?

Melaka a UNESCO World Heritage place we visited yesaterday and today with Natis, Laurence and the girls, for me summarizes the story of Malaysia.  Many cultures are visible in this little town, the whole history of conquest, as the strategic position of this area was for the spice commerce.
Mostly with a chineesse environment Melaka also has remains of the Portuguese era, the Sultanats of the early days, the Dutch and the British, althoush the latter were the ones that destroyed many places in the city when the controlled it. Even Japan took over it at some point just before Pearl Harbour! 
It is a city of all cultures and no culture... I guess they are reinventing their identity after all this fantastic combination of cultural ingredients!

Running is always a soothing activity, and today, after 8 days without exercising, it was time! My ipod is additionally a "visionary" equipment, which helps by selecting randomly songs to understand or to get the answer I am looking for at a particular moment. Today "shine on you crazy diamond" from Pink Floyd (who else), gave me the understanding I needed... "threatened by shadows at night, but disposed at light"....
Shadows or ghosts that hunted me over night disappear during the day, yes, but also light, elightment is reason, is logic... which is the best weapon to make ghosts fade away.

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