Friday, 10 December 2010

My last day in Angkorian lands

I can't believe I have already in one week visited 2 countries.
My last day in Cambodia was dedicated to Angkor Thom and going back to Angkor Watt this time much longer to look carefully at the bas-reliefs in the walls.  Now I have an initial idea the hindu mithology represented in the walls of Angkor Watt. It is a complicated mythology, but at least, I think I understand the Churning of the Milk Sea, which is the origin of life. As mentioned before it is the result of asuras and devaras, demons and gods, which are mortal, to obtain the elixir of inmortality or amrita, by churning the sea of milk through pulling a naga (snake with 5 heads) around Mount Mehru. This and many battles on the Mahabarata nad the Ramayana are beautifuly carved all around the walls of Ankor Watt.  My cousin, who has been studying sanskrit and we almost have the same name, explained it to me in great detail through a Facebook message (it has been such a fortune to encounter "lost" cousins in this past 6 months!)

Heading towards the central tower of Angkor Watt was the most astonishing experience. After queuing for about 30 min, reading the "Awakening" chapter in Hesse's book, I was able to climb very steep stairs to get to the top. As I got there, this marevelous tower suprised me that tears came out so easily, they were just running though my face, I could not control them!
This was the moment that I had realised that I had conquered the dream of coming to Angkor, the deepest desire that I had for about 16 years, it became real. I would like to come back. And tomorrow I am watcjhing the sunrise at Angkor Watt, and I will promise, to this land, that I will come back, even if it is in ashes.

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