Saturday, 25 December 2010

Divine diving

I had not dived since last year in Curacao when I got certified as Open Water Diver. I was scared as currents are very strong apparently and I didn't have a "buddy" this time, however, Divine Diving, a Dutch owned company that operates in Labuan Bajo, took me with my very little experience and assigned to me a Dive Master that was taking extreme care!  He was also very churro! So I was very lucky!

We did 2 dives in a place called Selalogan Kenici or something like that. Not very good visibility but the corals I saw, absolutely pristine I hadn't seen in Colombia, Panama, Curacao or Bonaire, where I dived before. The colours where outstanding, corals are the hidden treasures of the sea. It took me a while to equalize at the begginning but after I was so fantiastically relaxed, like never before in my life.

The group that went diving was also really good, some dutch, australians, canadians... it was good to meet and talk to new people.  I am actually going for dinner tonight with them. So I should get ready.

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