Thursday, 9 December 2010

Just a perfect day?

Cycling through the temples, just crossing this outstanding gate with the faces of the buda's, the sun shinning, the noises of the forest, the wind, the silence, the smile of cambodians. Learning while visiting this places as well as understanding yourself while you learn and see.  Nature and archaeology, the most fantastic combination, the dream of the dreams for a perfect day.

Some of the places I saw today reminded me of Palenque in Mexico as well as Uxmal, there are similiarities, the snake is a powerful animal in both places, with different mythological "roles". But there are several coincidences in the temples, the stairs, the guardians and animal custodians in each of the "floors", I guess a whole PHD thesis can be made in comparing the Mayan and the Khmer cultures.

Although it was interesting to think about resemblances with my trip to Mexico, it hit me. But I guess this is part of recognizing those are memories that I should keep as unvaluable treasures, and in the future, those are the only thoughts I should behold. I guess in that moment of time forgiveness would have been reached. But in the words of Paul Mc Cartney, it is still a "long and winding road".  

Just as I mentioned yesterday I sat down for a few hours to read in Neak Pean, and I went to other 2 temples Bateay Kdei and Ta Som. I also bought a Vietnamise hat, I do not know how all of these things will fit in my bag... perhaps they will not.. I may have to leave some stuff behind, but it is part of the traveler's idiosincracy.

A gift from Ta Prohm for whoever is reading to "hit the road" to Cambodia.

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