Friday, 19 November 2010

The begginning and the end

Today I invited my friends Carri, Caro, Ale and Juan to have dinner at home.  The beggining, in May when I came to this city to cry for hours in their lap, today, a commemoration of the end of my trip to London. I have moved from the self of the begginning, I have sown the seeds of the future by knowing and understanding what the end really means. I guess as Lenny Kravitz sings, It aint over till it's over. And listening as we speak to Mecano, there are flames that not even with the sea can be blown. I know this will never stop, feelings, whatever they are, will be there for the rest of my life...

Anyway, the dragons, they kill with bacteria, only by biting, you die because of the infection. Bacteria are their allies. Is a slow death, very slow, their preys agonize for days. Death is better if it is in one go. Dreadful animals! but ethics is not a word common in is actually rare even in the own species, it's all about surviving and passing your genes to the next generation.

Talking less crap (or more), I've got my Malaysian VISA however they only allowed me a Single entry so I am struggling with the trip back, so I need to visit the flight centre tomorrow to see what can be done. I bought fantastic presents in Hamleys for Irini and Amalia, I hope they like them!

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